Adding a special kitty to your family is always a great time for everyone, especially the kids. Cats are not only friendly but also beautiful mini-humans that will show you unending love and affection. Some breeds require daily grooming while others require minimal care. Whether you are looking for the meanest cat breeds or cutest cat breeds, you can choose from a variety of cat breeds.

Here are the most popular cat breeds that you can consider:

Persian Cat Breed

Persians are the calmest cat breeds, and they have a wide range of colors and cute facial features. They are longhaired and require daily grooming and frequent bathing.

They are low energy and the need to be shown lots of love and affection. Persians are a perfect addition to a home with children.

Also, they are sweet and loving creatures, and they tend to choose one person in the family as their favorite but will still show love to other family members.

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