Most cat owners prefer keeping their cat indoors with the aim of protecting them from any unforeseen dangers. But whether you keep the cats indoors or not, the cats will confine himself to their territory.

However, there are periods when you may need to take your cat outside maybe for a walk, to your workplace or when staying in a hotel room. How do you handle your cat in such circumstances? Some people may prefer holding their cat in the arms while others will prefer to have the best cat carrier to carry the cat with ease.

There are reasons why I detest carrying the cat in your arms. You see, as an indoor animal, cats are only familiar with a limited area around your home. This means that the cat will be scared if he sees other dogs, cats, monkeys or any other animals that he is not familiar with.

Yes, your arms will be safe, but the nearest tree or bush will be the safest according to the cat. Before you know it, the cat has already disappeared into some thicket and maybe leaving you with some injuries (cat bites are more dangerous than you think). Nobody wants to lose their furry friend.

What is the best solution for carrying a cat outdoors? Buying the best cat carrier that is strong and comfortable for your cat. Cat carriers are usually sturdy little boxes that are mostly made of plastics. They are made to be strong enough such that no cat can break its way out on its own. Cat carriers come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and you can be sure to get a perfect cat carrier for your cat. They somehow resemble litter boxes but they are two different cat equipment.

If you have multiple cats, it makes sense to buy a cat carrier for each cat. If you hire someone or decide to go cat-walking, it will make matters a lot easier for everybody.

When do I need to buy the best cat carrier?

There several events that you will need to carry a cat carrier. They include:

Taking the Cat to the Vet    

When taking your cat for checkup or to be treated, you should bring the cat in a cat carrier if you want to avoid chaos. You see, the vet’s clinic is a busy place with lots other dogs and cats seeking medical attention. The last thing you would want to do is to carry your cat freely in your arms into a room full of dogs and cats and give the cat a chance to be aggressive. The result? More injuries, wounds, and blood.

Since vets already know the chaos that cats and dogs would bring to the clinic, most clinics have a policy requiring the animals to be restrained. Cat carriers also apply when visiting animal shelters, orphanages, and national parks.

Long Distance Travel

Whether you are traveling by rail, road, or air, a cat carrier is an absolute necessity. For example, when traveling by road, an unrestrained cat may jump outside the window while the cat is in motion. The result would be several broken bones or even God forbid, death. If jumping out of the window is not one of the options, the cat may decide to play hide and seek with its owner and hide below the pedal, and before you realize it, you’ve already pressed the break too hard.

Apart from road travel, cat carriers are also important when traveling by plane. In fact, most airlines have a policy that states that pets should remain in their crates while on air. There are dozens of airline-approved cat carriers on the market that keep your cat restrained and secure.

Moving Houses

When movers are busy packing, moving and loading crates, the cat may get in one of the crates without your knowledge. You will be forced to turn the house upside down, knock on the neighbors’ doors or search the surrounding bushes for the little kitty while the cat is hiding in one of the crates. To avoid such agony, keep the cat in his cat carrier to allow the movers do their job.

Also, changing houses and moving into a new environment will cause stress to the cat. If not restrained, the cat may disappear in an effort to locate her usual abode. Lucky you if someone finds and takes him to an animal shelter. Keeping the cat in his carrier will not only keep him safe but also help him adapt to the new environment.

Staying in a Hotel

When staying at a hotel, the cat may take some time to adjust to the new environment. Keeping the cat in his carrier will keep the cat secure and prevent him from hiding in unfamiliar territories within the room. If you have to allow the cat to walk freely, make sure all the windows and doors are closed. Also, a “Do Not Disturb” sign would help keep strangers or hotel staff from opening the window without your permission. Before opening the door, make sure the cat is securely locked in the carrier.

Taking the Cat to the Workplace

Some workplaces allow their staff to go to work in the company of their pets. The staff then leave their pets at a secure area before going to their work desk. Enclosing the cat in a cat carrier will help prevent the cat from running away and also give the pet handler an easy time looking after the pets.


Emergencies come as a surprise, and you should be prepared to take immediate action when they occur. An emergency may be an earthquake, floods, gun attack or even fire in your building. When an emergency occurs, you should quickly grab your cat and run to safety. Always have an available and ready-to-use cat carrier for each of your cats. You will be traumatized if you run away from danger and leave the cat behind because you were not prepared or you had not purchased the best cat carrier.

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